Hands on Childrens Museum of Tacoma

Who doesn’t like playing with buttons or getting elbow deep in toys and games?  The Hands on Children’s Museum, located at 936 Broadway, is a great place for kids to go, especially when it is raining outside.  However, when dealing with a large group of people, it can get expensive.  The Childrens Museum charges for not only the children who attend, but the adults who take them.  So, you have to be smart, and here is how to do it on the cheap…http://www.childrensmuseumoftacoma.org/admission

Monday – Friday from 3 to 5pm, Admission is HALF-PRICE.

Go on the 25th of every month, and Admission is only 25CENTS.  

1st Friday of every month is FREE (and Thursdays during the Farmers Market in June/July/August) 

Soon, the museum will be breaking ground on its new location in downtown Tacoma.  In January 2012, they open at their new location AND admission will be FREE!  Stay tuned for that one.


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