Interesting Museum

For those of you who like interesting and unusual museums, this is for you.  The White River Valley Museum in  Auburn, WA has a Womens History exhibit: Women’s History, Cultural Ideals Revealed Through Evolution of Swimsuits.  The name of the exhibit is technically: “Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis and Tummy Crunches: A Century of Female Bodies and Swimsuits”.  I LOVE history and it salways interesting to me to see the styles of my predecessors.  Looking and (I admit), making fun, of my mothers haristyle and dress when she was my age is great fun.  But generations before that always facinates me.  To see where we have been, to where we are now.  I mean, women of the 20’s never would have contrived to think of a thong bikini!  As our styles have gotten more liberal, so have our attitudes on Womens rights.  I think this would be a fun outing.  And, I hope you enjoy!

The exhibit opened on May 4th and runs through July 31st.  Admission is only $2 for Adults and $1 for Children and Seniors. 

The Museum is located at
918 H Street SE
Auburn Commuity Campus
Auburn WA 98002
(behind Auburn Library in Les Grove Park


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