Play in Peace

Many of among us want to be famous, like Kim Kardashian or Kendra (from girls next door). However, a little girl named Zina Linnik became famous in a way that no one should. Recently, her death, a horrible and excusable crime has been in the news. While this is not a political blog, let me just state that, in my opinion, people who harm children are evil. To combat the bad memories and restore a sense of community in the area where Zina lived, The Metro Parks Foundation has created the Zina Linnik Project. (The project can be found here: http://

At the end of this project, on Friday May 20th, Metro Parks is sponsoring a community walk and celebration of the changes/improvements made to both Wright Park off 6th Ave and McCarver Parks. At noon on Friday, festivities begin in Wright Park and at 1pm there is a Community Walk from Wright Park to MacCarver Park.

I know this is a Friday afternoon, and many of you probably have to work. I do too. But if you have the time, take the time. Take the time to honor what a community is doing to reclaim its neighborhood from evil and honor the memory of a very special little girl. news.php?id=196

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