Good Smelling and Good Fun

Nothing reminds me more of some of my favorite summer time activities than the scent of lavender.  I will admit.  I am a sucker for the scent of lavender.  Not the cloying fragrance, but the clean smell of real lavender.  I love how it relaxes you in a hot bath at the end of a stressful day.  I love the way a great lotion smells and softens the hands.  Most of all, I love how a lavender scented massage oil just wisks you away to a better/happier place. 

That said, July 15th – July 17th, Sequim is hosting its 15th Annual Lavender Festival.  Come one/come all.  You can take a tour of the farms – FOR FREE this year!  You can even enjoy a glass of lavender wine in the wine/beer garden at the street fair.  Park for free in the JCPenny’s lot and take a shuttle bus to the street fair.  Busses run every 15-20 minutes.  Have fun everyone!


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