Fresh Berries are IN! news: with the cooler weather, local berry crops have taken longer to ripen.  Good news: this means berries are larger, sweeter and juicier.  Yum, Yum!

Some local farms to pick and or buy berries:

  • Foxberry Farm: 4220 Gay Road E., Tacoma
  • Moon Farm: 2615 Tacoma Road E., Puyallup
  • Picha’s Berry Farm: 6502 52nd St. E., Puyallup
  • Scholz Farm: 14310 128th St. East., Puyallup
  • Spooner Farms: 9622 State Route 162 E., Puyallup or 2506 E. Main St., Puyallup
  • Terry’s Berries: 4520 River Road, Tacoma

More Local Berry Farms


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