Hiking with Young Children

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend.  For those of you who are not going out of town and are trying the “staycation”, try taking a hike.  There are plenty of trails around Tacoma to explore: Point Defiance Park, Northwest Trek, Ruston Way, Titlow Beach, Chambers Creek are just a few that are fun, offer opportunities to see our beautiful scenery around our local areas. 

If you are in the mood for something you might not have done before, consider using the Washington Trails Association website, http://www.wta.org/kids/children/kids-hikes/hikes-for-young-children for hikes with younger (under 5), or even a fun/easy trail for the older kids.  There are options listed from North Bend, to Snoqualmie (an easy day long excursion) to Wenatchee or the Coast. 

Just remember, if one of the hikes you are taking is in a State Park, you may need to buy a Discover Pass.  See here for more details.

Enjoy nature, while the weather cooperates!


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