Prepare for Summer Camp – NOW?

This is a really great article that I saw on my twitter feed.  (@tacomalynette) The YMCA recommends that if you want to get your kids to summer camp this summer, planning ahead is key.  I am the mother of 3 boys, so planning is a way of life, or at least my best effort to avoid major mayhem and confusion.  My boys are still a little young for the summer camp thing, in my opinion.  But, they can be great experiences offering great tools for building relationships, and all kids of fun, learning and interactive environments.  So, check out the article, a worthy read, and as the Summer starts getting closer, I will try to put up a special summer activity page on the website.

The YMCA Camp Seymour takes payments!  While I would never recommend putting the payment on the credit card, but you can charge to a debit card for a layaway type plan.  (Im sure not all camps offer this, but you never know, so just ask)

Also at Camp Seymour, you can apply for financial assistance.  The sooner you do, the sooner you know the answer.  Just don’t get the kiddos hopes up until you know for sure, or at least qualify any promises you make.  “Suzie, I am going to try and get you into summer camp again, but if we don’t get any financial assistance, we might not make it…etc”

Camp Seymour lets you set up a fundraising web-page.  The page can be emailed to grandparents, and other relatives, linked on facebook or shared through other social media sites to ask for help in funding your child’s summer camp experience.

Also, look for special pricing situations.  Camp Seymour has several pricing tiers (3) and special pricing for Pierce and Kitsap County members.

See for more information.


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