Go Bananas for Board Games at Learning Sprout

I am so excited for this event.  This weekend, February 18th from 10am till 2pm, Learning Sprout in downtown Tacoma (8th and Pacific Ave) is hosting a board game play time.  Children can play age appropriate board games and afterwards build a banana treat with whipped cream and sprinkles…ooh la la (and YUM)

The room these events are hosted in is pretty small, so if you are not into your kids eating the treat, either warn them ahead of time, or be prepared for the longing glances and possible “But Mooom, Pleeeaseeee?” questions.

As a board game family myself, I am totally jazzed.  We don’t have cable, or watch videos very often, so we play board games.  Not everyday, but every week we will bust out whatever the kids’ favorite currently is.  This is a great event because you can try out various board games and make sure your kids will actually like to play or are old/mature enough for the game.


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