Tacoma Children’s Museum

Yesterday we went to The Children’s Museum. We all had a really great time. The space is much bigger than the previous space and includes 5 playscapes. The toddler’s favorite was the water feature, the older boys (5yrs) had fun with the dragon boat. We spent about 3 hours at the museum and could have spent another 2 hours easily.  The play area is magnificent! The arts & crafts area is amazing and there is a ton of fun to be had. And, since they are in a donation model, you can pay as much as you want toward entrance. (Thank you Key Bank!)

That said, here are a few warnings…

* If you have a runner, be prepared to sprint. There is only 1 door in and out, so parents and families leaving the museum can inadvertently let your child out.

* This space like the previous one has minimal space to have a picnic lunch. It has a coffee shop, where members receive a discount, but seating is limited. Most parents I know bring a picnic lunch to this sort of thing; I know I did. So, it’s easier to hope the light rail to Freighthouse Square and grab a table in the food court.

My advice, park at Freighthouse Square, ride light rail (for free) to the convention center stop. Walk a block to the Children’s Museum. Makes the whole day an adventure, and possible on a small budget.


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