Career Day at NW Trek

For people who are interested in working with animals as a career, NW Trek is offering up a career day on March 3rd.  This is a great way to job shadow, ask questions and decide if this is really what you want to do.  If you are a high school student or a college student and are truly serious about this type of career path, come with a list of questions.  As a professional myself, I know these opportunities do not come around very often.  It was only through specialized networking groups in college that I really had any idea that I might be interested in Accounting.  (Not many people in high school thought a career in accounting was all that sexy/interesting/exciting, so it wasn’t in the top 10 list.)

Ask questions to make sure that you are suited to this lifestyle:

  • Workdays (Zoos are open several days and usually on the weekends, don’t be shocked if you have to work a retail type schedule)
  • Career paths (Not everyone can work with the cute babies, someone has to fill out budget forms and clean up poo. What will you be doing when you reach the top of your game?)
  • Salary (If you are expected to start your career at a range of $25-30K per year, consider your educational path…make sure it is sensible.  You don’t want to borrow $75,ooo for a college degree only to have the re-payments take almost 1/2 of your monthly income.)
  • Move rate (People who work with animals, unless they have a local vet clinic might have to move around a lot or travel.  If you are the type of person who might not mind living in a jungle tracking an elusive species of animal or shuttling animals from place to place, then this might be a great fit.  On the other hand, if you like feeling grounded and surrounded by friends, then perhaps asking what types of jobs in this field allow that a bit more.

These are some of the types of questions that would come to mind.  Use the comment box below to add more.  For goodness sake, take advantage of a great opportunity before you commit yourself to a road less traveled.

Click the on-line registration form for Career Day
Contact Jessica at or call 360-832-7160 for more information.

  • Please register each person separately, even if attending in a group.
  • Underage siblings or unregistered guests are not allowed.
  • You are not registered until you receive a confirmation letter.
  • Please call prior to the event if you do not receive your confirmation letter

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