The Mary Bridge Million Minute Mission


Mary Bridge and Multi-Care in Tacoma/Pierce County has started its 2012 Million Minute Mission. This mission is for families and workplaces to commit to 1,000,000 minutes of physical activity over four months. That’s right, 4 MONTHS!

We are already behind, unless you know about this event already. Starting February 2nd and finishing June 9th at the Sound to Narrows race. (Is June really only 3 months away??!!!)

Personally, I struggle with my weight. It is a constant battle for me to carve out time for ME to be healthy. I work too many hours and don’t move as much as I should. (I also love bacon, but who doesn’t?) So, it is a personal mission of mine to keep my kids active, away from the TV or Computer or game consul for as long as possible. Their level of activity can drive me more than a little nuts, but I push myself to encourage it. Why? Because I don’t want them falling into my traps. Obesity is a growing problem in our youth and our lifestyle.

So join me in this great opportunity by joining my team. Million Minute Mission and join the FunOnADime team!


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