Battlestar Galactica

This is a really neat exhibit and it ends this week, Sunday March 4th to be exact.  Note: I said ended, which means you can see the exhibit on Sat 3rd or Sun 4th.  If any of you are geeks like I am, Battlestar Galactica might ring a bell.  The Syfy channel has this show, about humans and cylons, perhaps you’ve heard of it?  If not, you should at least watch one episode.  It will hook you.  

Anyway, the EMP in Seattle at the Seattle Center is hosting a great and very large Battlestart Galactica exhibit.  It shows costumes, props and actual spaceships and cylons from the series! EMP hours are from 10-5pm and cost is less online but at the door is $20/adult and $14/youth and children 4 and under are FREE!.  

Exhibition specifics:

  • Three full-size (30-feet long) prop spaceships:
    • Viper Mark 2
    • Viper Mark 7
    • Cylon Raider
  • Series props featuring:
    • 15 costumes
    • Dozens of props, concept sketches and storyboards
  • Exhibition films
  • Interactives:
    • Music interactives
    • Human/Cylon identity interactive
    • Dilemma interactive



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