South Sound Sustainability Expo

I know I am late blogging about this, but it looks  really cool.  On Saturday March 3rd from 10:30-3pm at The Greater Tacoma Convention Center, on Broadway in Tacoma.  Activities include City Chickens, and Composting Worm Bins.  Personally, I know many boys and girls of certain ages who think worms are cool!  If you are planning a spring/summer garden, this is the perfect time and local to learn about ways to make it flourish with the class on Soil and Seeds.

All these activities can be great ways to teach your kids about how we can impact the world around us and in my experience, they eat more veggies when they help grow them!  I fully intend to have a vegetable garden this year, and will enlist my boys help to plant, weed and harvest ( their favorite part).  It is a great way for us to bond with outdoor activities, appreciate life and growth and teach a great many lessons about responsibility (If you don’t water, the plants will not live.)  Plus, it gives us all a chance to dig in the dirt which is every kids favorite past time, or at least my kids’ favorite past time.

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