Lego Madness

On March 14th and May 9th, the Parkland Branch of the Pierce County Library is hosting a Lego play day.

Bring your K-5th grader and invent new Legi configurations. This is a great way to stretch the imagination and exercise the storytelling skills without getting into trouble.

You do not take your creation with you, but leave the pieces behind for others to play with. Another key skill: learning to share and be fine with the idea that something’s do not belong to us. As my boys go in more and more play dates, I find this can be a skill lacking in singletons. My older two will sometimes play the ‘Mine’ card, but as twins, they have had to share things from the beginning.

Bring your imagination, or download some instructions on the Internet, if you have an iPhone or iPad, there are free apps that will give you instructions how to build items in the gallery! (One I found, but haven’t yet tried, Lego Instructions by ArtelPlus and it’s free too)


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