Looks like fun, if anyone can have a ‘moisture festival’ it’s Seattle!

Seattle Pockets

Update: Wed, 3/28 get 1/2 price tickets for tonight’s show at Hale’s Palladium by using promo code word rubberband. Click here for tickets.

When was the last time you were aware of your face hurting because of smiling & laughing for hours?  Treat yourself to a night of quality and diverse entertainment: open your calendar right now to find a date to catch The Moisture Festival, before it disappears after April 8th. You’ll still be smiling when you take the time to come back to this blog to thank me.

The Moisture Festival takes the stage in three venues this year: Broadway Performance Hall, Georgetown Ballroom and Hale’s Palladium (grab a pretzel and a beer before you take your seat).  Now in it’s nineth year, The Moisture Festival stays true to its mission “to enrich the community by presenting an affordable annual festival showcasing the art of live comedy/…

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