Special Event at the Tacoma Childrens’ Museum

Oops, the previous version of this post mentioned the event was at Children’s Museum of Tacoma, it is actually in Seattle. The post has been updated to reflect that.  The Tacoma Children’s Museum is always a fun time too and we always have a fun time there!

HINT: Ride the 590 bus to Westlake Center then hop the Monorail to the Seattle Center.  It costs a little more maybe than to park for a car full of people, but children have cheaper rates on the monorail, and its a great experience!

From the Seattle Children’s Museum Website

Tomorrow, the Museum of History and Industry bring special programming to The Children’s Museum each month, providing great fun to our visitors. From learning about life on the Oregon Trail to exploring Kitchen gadgets through history – there is always fun to be had when MOHAI goes Mobile!

Next Visit:

Saturday, March 31
10:00am – 12:30pm
Program: Curiosities from the Kitchen!

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