Bike Races for All Ages

BuDu racing at at 8am will start registration for the race.  There are races for the kiddos too!  You can even purchase a ‘Season’ pass for all the events.


  • $15/$25 (child/adult) 1 race
  • $80/$120 Season Pass

Dates/Times/Event Locations

  • 4/14 – Black Diamond Real LIfe Church Trails – 30711 3rd Ave
  • 4/29 – King County Maple Ridge Open Space or Henry’s Ridge Trails – 28011 Maple Ridge Way

Registration starts at 8am

Races start at:

  • 9am for beginners
  • 10am for open/expert
  • 11:30am for sport/Clydesdale

Kids races start right after Experts start.

There is even a cash prize for winners!  This looks like a great way to have fun, biking through trails and enjoying the presence of many people at the same time.


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