Spring Fair in Puyallup

The Spring fair is awesome! Especially for younger children.  The venue is MUCH smaller than the Western Washington aka: Puyallup fair in the fall and is a great idea for a mini excursion with the littles.  My favorite part is always the animals, they are included in the cost of admission.  While fair food is fun (who DOESN’T like fried food on a stick??) it can be costly.  So here are my tips for having a great time, for less money:

First – Safety

  1. Go early – The later you go, the more crowds and its easier to lose track of children
  2. For younger kids – get them a “lost” bracelet which lets you put parent name and phone number.  Kids can’t get it off and if you DO get separated, teach them to go to a UNIFORMED officer.  You can be reunited that way.
  3. For older kids – consider the bracelet if they don’t have the phone number memorized, and show them where the kids lost and found is, or pick another spot and agree to meet there if separated.
  4. Take a picture – before you go in, take a picture of everyone, at least 3/4ths body to get clothing, hair style but close enough to the face so its recognizable, if someone says “describe what your child was wearing”

This might be a bit overkill, but simple steps – in addition to plain keeping an eye out, can make the whole experience even more fun!  For cheaper entry, plan ahead:

  • Thursday April 19th (TOMORROW) is Kids get in FREE day from 2pm to 10pm
  • Friday is Military FREE appreciation day
  • Discount passes are available at FredMeyer, Safeway and South Hill Mall. Remember, kids 5 and Under are FREE
  • When buying your discount tickets, ask if they have any Ride Saver Pack Coupons left – That will get you 6 rides for $16.  This is a HUGE savings because it is per-ride, NOT per-ticket! On THURSDAY, you can buy the discount tickets inside the fair.

Fun events:

  • Fiesta Mexicana – You can see dancing horses, listen to music and eat wonderful food – absorbing a different, but warm and inviting culture
  • KidZone – Has FREE face painting (again go early cause lines are usually long) and FREE Rock U interactive exhibit which allows you to play and experience different types of instruments. Don’t forget to hit the gardening activities before you go home to plan a pumpkin or sunflower seed to take home.
  • Creative Kids – If your child is an artist, you can enter them in a 4H style contest.
  • Puyallup School District Science Fair: On Thursday and Sunday you can watch students perform wonderful feats of science. If your child is science minded, take a stroll through there, looking at all the projects and explaining the topics.  Its a great learning opportunity, for everyone! Ever see ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

The Fair website has a complete planner tool so you can add events and print out an itinerary if you are a planner like myself.  But, just go out and HAVE FUN!

3 thoughts on “Spring Fair in Puyallup

  1. thanks for the tips I didn’t know about the lost bracelet and great idea about teaching them the uniforms! This post was very helpful.

  2. I’m glad it helps! The bracelets started last year I think. When I saw them I thought it was inspired by the fairgrounds! They are especially great for kids who don’t have phone numbers memorized.

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