Lets Dance!

From powerfulintentions.org

The Tacoma Public Library has a great program at its branches called a Preschool Dance Party.  You bring your preschooler to the library and dance all the day’s wiggles out.  Its an outing for you, and outing for your child, there is music and after all the wiggles are gone – snag some books.

When: Thursday, May 10, 2012 – 10:15 AM
Where: Anna Lemon Wheelock Library at Wheelock McCormick Room (Proctor Dist)

When: Friday, May 11, 2012 – 10:30 AM
Where: George O. Swasey Library at Swasey Meeting Room (6th Ave)

We love to read books and it is a great way to decompress after a day of go, go, go.  Im a big champion of reading books over “screen time” or time in front of the TV and/or computer.  I find my boys are usually even more active after “vegging” in front of a video.

However, if your family likes screen time – you can rent a video at the library too.  FREE beats the $1 redbox, just pay attention to the return dates.  The library is full of fun things to do.  Check it out!


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