Hiking – our family’s new challenge

Its funny, as a mom who works outside the home,  my weekend time with my kids is precious.  My older two, the 5 year old twins, when reminded that tomorrow was Saturday and mommy would be home have different responses. One said “Yeah, mommy will be home”; while the other said very glumly “No TV! Oh man!”.  I like outdoor time, especially as the weather starts to warm up!  This summer, I think our challenge, in addition to the garden, will be going on 1 hike, volksmarch or other walk per month.

With the cost of gas and available time, I think I am only going to challenge myself to 1 hike a month, but since that is 1 hike more a month than last summer – I’m okay with that.  If you are interesting in challenging yourself this way too, here are some resources I found:

Family Friendly Hiking Guides

http://www.wta.org – This is a great website that has family friendly and expert hiking trails.  The website has tips and packing lists for day hikes as well as local excursions.

Save on gas and click at http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/map to bring up a map of your local area to show a list of available hikes. You can even filter the map for family friendly hikes.

AVA or the American Volksmarch Association page for clubs in Washington: http://www.ava.org/gen3/data/clubsbystate.asp?EVState=WA I loved to Volksmarch as a younger person and would love to pick it up again.  These are usually very nice, peaceful walks with no race or stress component.  This website will direct you to local clubs and the events they host in your area.



2 thoughts on “Hiking – our family’s new challenge

  1. Hiking is something I want to do more of this summer too with my family, since my son is now 4 and old enough to do atleast shorter hikes. Cant wait for the sunshine to stay 🙂

    • Sunshine is great isn’t it? With some of the organized walks around, Im even bringing the baby (18 mo) in the stroller. Happy, happy! Let me know if you find a particularly interesting hike!

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