Nature Journal

I love fun crafty ideas.  Some stuff is just too skilled and takes years to learn to do right, like my friend who can sew anything.  Other things, that take an eye for balance, maybe color and a little bit of time…that is more my bag.  In an effort to keep my kids engaged, I try to do some interesting craft type things that have some hold-over value.  It builds the fine motor skills, but is also something they can tell a story with.

This next craft is a Nature journal and is inspired by two things: Pinterest (of course) and a tweet I saw from @ThurstonTalk.

From Pinterest

A nature journal is something you write down what you observe on your walks through parks, beaches, and even in your own backyard.  By having children write down their own ideas of what is interesting, you can gain insight into what they find fun and it also builds critical thinking skills.

In Thurston County, the LOTT Wet Science Center has a FREE craft where you can create your own nature journal activity.  Kids can make their own books Saturday, June 2nd between 10-4pm.

500 Adams Street NE

Then, you can take the kids on any number of trips later that day down in Olympia.  (all ideas from the Thurston Talk website:

  • Bird watching at East Bay
  • Family Bike Ride
  • Tumwater Historical Park for the NW Run for Rhett event. (It starts at 9, so the kiddos will have to make the books after)
  • The water at Port Plaza

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