Juvenile Diabetes Research – Beat the Bridge

Last month, I didn’t even realize it, but we started our summertime challenge.  My company had a large team of people signed up to run in an effort to beat the bridge, but it wasn’t until a very good friend of mine called and said “Wanna walk with me” that I even coJDRFnsidered participating.  Thank goodness for her, because now we were off and walking.

The count for our group was substantial, my friend and her daughter, myself and my three children, for a total of 6.  After I convinced my 5 year olds that the 4.5 mile walk was a good idea, and there would be rewards (extra pool time at the end of the week) for not fussing, they finally got on board, the walk itself was really great.

We walked all around the University of Washington campus, talked amongst ourselves and met some really nice people from all different kinds of companies wearing their logo t-shirts.  We packed some portable and easy to eat & walk snacks like apples as well as water for us and the kids. I can’t remember the amount of time it took to finish because I wasn’t paying attention.  And, the 5year olds felt great they got a medal for finishing.

Lessons Learned

  1. Find the exit, quickly: As we came to the finish line, we saw vendors and tents all around.  Because we were in the middle of the pack it was crowded, but doable.  While we walked around to see everything many more people arrived.  It got scary, so I told the older boys to hold onto the stroller for fear of losing them in the crush.
  2. Remember where you park: I was in a new parking lot and didn’t even see the signs marking the sections of the lot.  It took us 20 minutes in the rain to find the car. *head smack*
  3. Bring a lightweight jacket WITH A HOOD: see post #2 about walking in the rain brrrr…

With that in mind…I’m thinking about walking the 5K for the sound to narrows.  I’m not quite up to the full 12K yet. Maybe toward the end of the summer.


2 thoughts on “Juvenile Diabetes Research – Beat the Bridge

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