The Family We Create

The Family We Create. I love this post! Family is more than who we are born to, but who we include, by choice, in our lives. I’ve been blessed in my life as a military brat to have acquired some fantastic people in my life. I had multiple sets of honorary grandparents and made some amazing friends. No one was closer to the family than a set of grandparents who knew my parents before they were engaged. My Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jerry were such people. Though they are now with the angels, they we’re always available and would pitch in when needed. I learned, from them, to hold strong beliefs, love well and keep moving forward. Nothing could keep these two people down, and nothing couldstop them from helping or reaching out to those they loved.

This next month, I am blessed to have my very best friend from high school back in the states from Japan for a short time. This is a definite cause for celebration. I haven’t seen her in 3 years. Whereas I am horrible about mailing letters, she hates the computer. Do you see my problem? So, I am going to take the vow, and I want everyone to hold me accountable. I will be better about writing. I will be better about communicating and loving my chosen family well.


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