Star Wars at the Tacoma Main Library

OMG, OMG, OMG!  Im geeking out in a completely weird way.  On June 30th from 1-2:30pm The Tacoma Main library is hosting a Star Wars event.  You can explore a gallery of collectibles, photo-ops with costumed characters from the movie as well as crafts and trivia.  But that is not all…

Children ages 9 and up can also attend a Jedi Training Camp! from 1-2pm  (pre-registration is required)

Call of the Wild – Wookie contest: Try out and see who has the best wookie call.  You could win a prize.

Finally: (drum roll please)  An interactive screening of the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. from 3-5pm.  This is episode 4 or the first one that ever came out.  I know confusing.  But arguably one of the best movies ever made, in my own humble opinion.

While my boys are still a little to young for the movie, perhaps your children are not.  If that is the case, please go and enjoy!


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