Taste of Tacoma – Yum

Every year the Emerald Queen Casino hosts the Taste of Tacoma at Point Defiance Park. This is a great food festival. Admission to the festival itself is free, but there is a cost for the food and the midway games and rides. Food is everything from ethnic, featured vendors of olive oil, to great/local restaurants.  No plate is above $8 and if it is like the last few years, several vendors will offer “Bites” or single “try-it” size servings for less.  This year they are also all offering a healthy heart taste too!

Also, when you show up at the event, right near the entrance to the food court, check to see if they still offer discount food coupons.  In prior years they offered 1 ticket for $1 and 20 for $15 or something like that.  It beats paying cash directly or standing in line at the ATM!

In prior years I lived right off the #11 bus line, so I rode the bus back and forth to the Taste, super easy and relatively inexpensive. (The number 10 bus line runs by there too.)  For people who like the shuttle idea, you can ride the shuttle from the TCC park and ride.  Im not sure if it is free or if it is $4. The website says FREE the facebook page says $4.  If you do ride the shuttle, the times are: Friday and Saturday 11am to 9:30 and Sunday 11 to 8:30.  Or, you can try to find street parking in the neighborhoods around the park.

Go, get your eat on! Get something fried, something healthy and get some strawberry shortcake (one of my favs) and enjoy yourself.

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