This looks so yummy and refreshing! A great treat for a summer evening!

While Chasing Kids

While the rest of the country is enjoying the sun and 100+ degree weather (that’s 37⁰C and higher for those, who are not into Fahrenheit); we are still dressing up kids in their winter coats in the middle of the summer and trying to hide our snobby smiles from tourists, who make San Francisco-themed sweatshirt business really profitable.  Got ya!  Enjoy the Sunny California, you, happy owners of shorts and t-shirts! 

By our standards though, the summer has been really nice, and I started running again.  Well, jogging probably would be a better word… unless they have another word that describes something even slower than jogging… walking with a jig, turtling..?   I load my baby on a BOB and we go to the ocean or lake Merced, or any place that has as little hills as possible…

So, after one or two outings like that, I started feeling that a…

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