Kidz Kaboodle Quarter Sale

KidzKaboodleI can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my favorite consignment shop!  So let me tell you all about it; it is awesome! They have great stuff, all very gently worn and some great gear as well.  The best deal is on store credit, but their cash back option on the clothes and equipment you drop off is pretty good too.  The only problem I found, and I find this at ANY consignment shop I go to, is lack of nice stuff for boys once they reach past size 3T.  Lets face it; boys who like to play in the dirt, slide into home and go puddle stomping are not easy on their clothes.

In the main store, they are very strict on the quality of the items for re-sell, but that just means everything you buy is clean, without stains and is in like-new condition. In the store next door, once a month, they open their doors and sell the things that didn’t quite make the regular sales floor at a steep discount.  They sell it for a QUARTER! (Hence the name “The Quarter Sale”. It gets crowded, so mid day is the best time. Bring a laundry basket to help hold all the really cool things you’ll find.

6409 6th Ave in Tacoma

Last weekend of the month: 10am-6pm

July 27th & 28th
August 24th & 25th
Sept 28th & 29th
October 26th & 27th
November 16th & 17th
December 21st & 22nd


2 thoughts on “Kidz Kaboodle Quarter Sale

  1. You are very right about there being not much for 3T and up boys in consignment shops:) How does it work when you sell things at this store? Do you get credit/cash up front or do you have to wait for things to sell?

    • They have great stuff for girls though in larger sizes, I think I’ve seen up to sizes 8 even. You drop off clothes and wait (or shop like me) and in a little while they will tell you what your amount is. You don’t have to wait till the clothes sell. It’s great!

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