Summer Bash and Movies in the Park – Tacoma

Summer Bash at Metro ParksI apologize for the lateness of the post, there are only 2 more weekends left!! Treat your kids to a unique experience, reminiscent of the Drive Thrus of our parents (Grandparents?) time.

Summer Bash is a great event that happens throughout Tacoma.  As we wrap up our summer vacations, get ready to go back to school, there is nothing better than popping some popcorn at home, driving to your nearest or dearest park, lounging on a blanket and enjoying a movie.

Just remember, the movie starts at DUSK, and that usually means around 8-9pm. So, be aware of bedtime routines and the fact you could be out until 10pm, or later on these nights! Sadly, because my guys are still so little, they would never last.  But it won’t be long till I need to chase them down and wrestle them to the bed. When that happens, we’ll be there!

Movies in the Park

August 24th at Norpoint: 4818 Nassau Ave NE
Movie: The Lorax

August 31st at Peoples Community Center: 1602 MLK Jr Way
Movie: Puss in Boots (One of my favs!)

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