Food transportation ideas!

This is a list of great ideas for when you are trying to transport food. I use several of these tips for many of my friends who have had babies, or have needed food drop off for some reason. You don’t need to cook at their house. Don’t make dishes, just bring the food!

Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen

Do you want to bring a meal to someone who has just had a baby? who has just gotten out of the hospital? for a friend who’s been sick? or for someone who’s just lost a loved one?

Here are some tips that will help you in preparing and transporting food to others in a time of need.


This photo shows my Cream Cheese Brownies packed to be taken to a VBS worker’s snack time.

1) Use foil pans and plastic containers to prepare and take your meals in. This picture shows how I recycle the plastic containers for salad mix and lettuce. They are great to save for cookies, brownies, breads, fruit, or your own home made salads.

Here’s another view of the plastic container spring mix comes in.

This was a round plastic container that a soup kit came in. It’s great to recycle…

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3 thoughts on “Food transportation ideas!

    • It was a fantastic post! So often, with an illness or birth of a new child, it’s great to be able to help friends and family through hard times by bringing comfort and healthy food. Thanks for sharing great ways to transport goodies without added stress of washing and returning dishes.

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