A Pool Party – for the dogs?

Yep, you read that right. Once a year, Metro Parks offers dog lovers a chance to bring their pooches to a pool for a wet and fun time. Now I am not a fan of the smell of wet pooch, but the fun many breeds have in the water is about the same amount of fun my 2yr old has in the water, pure bliss and glee.  So, why not? Go out and let your pooch splash free.

September 8th at 10am and 1:30 at the Steward Heights pool. 402 E 56th Street

$10 first dog, $5 the second, humans are free

Please bring well-socialized dogs only to this event. Maximum pool depth: 4 feet, 3 inches.

People are not allowed in the pool during the party, but will be able to watch from the deck. Stewart Heights Pool closes for the summer on September 3. Pool chemicals will be turned off a few days prior to the Pool Party so that irritation is minimized for the dogs. Scoop bags will be provided. Dogs must be on leashes when they are out of the water.


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