Great Ways to Reuse Chili

This is great! I just posted a White Chicken Chili receipe and this is the perfect foil for that post. She has great stuff and everyone should really check her out.

Homemade With Mess

Chilli is one of the best recipes in the world! Not just because it taste great but because it is so versatile to. It is also one of those dishes that you just throw a load of ingredients in a pot, whack it in the oven and just leave it. If you’re cooking for friends and they are late, who cares, your dinner will only taste better the longer it cooks for! Out of the batch that I made I also got 4 enchiladas and a sharing plate of nachos for 4 too, so it goes a long way. If you fancy eating it just as chilli then serve it with rice or with a buttered oven baked spud and it will be delicious.


If you want to make enchiladas then just fill a tortilla wrap with chilli and guacamole. Top with lots of grated cheese or a béchamel sauce…

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