Mustard Crusted Pork Roast, with Sauce


Sunday is our family day. The olders are running cross country, so after church, we run. The running doesn’t stop after we finish the race, however. After our meet, we have a mad dash to fit in some family time before dinner, WHILE finishing dinner. Usually this is an impossible task, and that is why I love my crock pot.

My crock pot will keep me from heating the house, and is programmable for heat leek (high vs low) and number of hours. When it’s done cooking, it keeps the food warm. What lovely invention!

For this recipe, I used pork shoulder I found at Costco. Because this was so much meat, i sectioned it into two batches. For 1/2 the pieces, I rubbed with seasoning and the other, I rubbed with stone ground German mustard. They both turned out really good, so I’m going post ingredients for both. (Seasoning only variation will be at the bottom)

Mustard Crusted Pork Roast

2Tbs German Mustard (1 used in rub, 1 used in sauce)
3Tbs Johnny’s Seasoning
1/2c Chicken Broth
1 5lb pork roast

Rub the outside of the roast with Johnny’s Seasoning and German Mustard. Wrap tightly in cling wrap and refrigerate 24hrs. This step is critical for a well seasoned roast.

Pat roast dry (some mustard seed will cling to roast, and that’s okay) Use heavy bottomed sauce pan and sear the edges if the roast. This creates a nice crust and yummy bits left over in the pan. (Fond) Place roast in crock pot.

Add chicken stock to saucepan to deglaze the pan, add remaining german mustard. Simmer until 1/2 in volume. Pour over roast in crock pot.

Cook the roast on low for 2hrs and let sit on warm for 2. This is the perfect amount of time for us to go to church, cross country meet, and come home to a mostly cooked meal. We made sure the roast temped at 135degrees before pulling out of the crock pot (per Americas Test Kitchen direction for perfectly cooked pork chops)

We added brown rice and green beans as a sides with an orange or banana for dessert. My boys have to keep up their energy for those other meets!


****Seasoning variation
2Tbs Penzeys Mural of Flavor Seasoning (Thanks Heidi)
3Tbs Johnny’s Seasoning
1/2c Chicken Broth
1 5lb pork roast

Follow directions above, but use all the seasoning in the rub, not the sauce pan. ~ Enjoy!


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