Think Clown Car – Toddler Car Safety


In December 2006, I delivered twin boys. It wasn’t the deliver I imagined and motherhood definitely took some getting used to. Going 0-60mph in 2 minutes is just a little freaky for a new mom. Lets face it, the reason human babies don’t come out of the womb walking and talking like others in the animal kingdom (ouch) is to give mom and/or dad a chance to catch up!

My boys were big (7lbs) when born and grew exponentially it seems ever since. I had to move them out of their infant carriers at 4months, cause they were already 25lbs, the limit for that type seat. Oye!

So daycare drop off was a little strange. The kids didn’t walk, so I had to drag the stroller out of the trunk, load up the kids and roll them in, drop them off and pack up the stroller again. NO WONDER I looked forward to their walking!?! That was mistake, they were mobile, and faster.

At first, I tried to walk each child out of daycare, place the first child in the 4door sedan, buckle him in time to save child 2 from running into oncoming traffic in the parking lot. That is a lot to ask of superman, er… supermom, who moves SUPERfast.

*** HINT:
Put both kids in the car from the same side.

Honestly this took me a couple tries to learn. I was frantically trying to get one kid buckled (where he couldn’t do TOO much damage) before the other got bored waiting and took off. And, I realized its much easier to load both kids in the same side, let child number 2 roam (safely INSIDE the car), or climb into their own seat, than to chase them around the car. Having kids run around loose inside, or chasing kids around the car (not preferred) does make the car seem a bit like a clown car.

Don’t forget, however, when letting small children loose in your car, DO NOT leave your keys. Little fingers love pushing buttons that result in lights, noises and car alarms! Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep your child from locking you out of the car!!


1) Kids- did you leave with all of them (head count)
2) Make sure ignition is off, car is in park and horn/alarm is inoperable
3) You have keys in: pocket, purse (wearing), hand
3) Place both (all) kids in the car from same entrance.

This allows first entrant to roam and push buttons at will. Acknowledge freedom (maniacal laugh) that comes with such heady joy.

4) Buckle 1st child, then close the door
5) Go around the car, wrestle 2nd child into seat and strap him/her down protesting lack of freedom.
6) Know that this lack of ‘freedom’ keeps child safe and repeat mantra: ‘I am the adult and I WILL keep you safe’ 3 times. You WILL feel better, I promise.

Realize that this is STILL preferable to your little curious runner trying to say HELLO to cars in the parking lot.



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