Review of Nacho Money by Tejana Made

I am always a big fan of giving your kids skills they need to succeed. Work ethic, Perseverance, Integrity, Love of Outdoors/Physical Fitness and Fiscal Responsibility. My friend at 30SecondMom, Jessica aka: @tejanamade, has reviewed a series of books set to teach children about financial responsibility. She really likes them. Perhaps you will too.

Tejana Made

I don’t  really remember my family EVER discussing money or budgeting. In those fleeting moments, the value of money and its impact on the rest of your life was never discussed.

When I was married, I truly lacked that basic financial information needed. I lacked the advice from my parents and didn’t realize how important it was to  have something tangible like real estate or other assets.  I realized that I didn’t want my children to have to pay their way out of debt.

I wanted them to have little or no debt and that cannot happen without validating money and how their choices can impact their lives.

Although there are books about saving and books about counting money, this series of books written by Candi Sparks does something more than just identify money. It discusses money in a tangible way that can easily be understood by children. My favorite book was

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