The Right Place, at the Right Time with the Right Tools


We have all been here:

Trying to wrangle the kids in the car for whatever event you need to get to and trying to remember all the things you need for the errands you will attempt to do on the way home.

If you are anything like me, if it isn’t written on a list, I quickly forget what I need to do. And, in situations like the above, I inevitably forget my list. When I have forgotten my list of errands to run, groceries or other things to buy, I spend more money and end up having to make a second trip anyway.

In an effort to streamline my life I have come up with the following ideas to help me stay on track. Hopefully they will help you too!

1) White board: We put one in the kitchen, where everyone can add food or other items for purchase. Before I leave for the day, I take a quick picture of the list on my smartphone. This lets me reference the list as we shop. It also lists the daily chores. Without it, I would be so tempted to clean the bathrooms everyday and ignore vacuuming.

2) I have started to migrate my recipes into an electronic format. Using an app on my iPhone and iPad (I wish they had a computer app, they keep saying its on its way) I keep losing my hand written and torn out of magazine recipes. The best thing is I can plan my menu based on the recipe, build a shopping list inside the app, that I can email, text or print! (I use Recipe Box – but there are TONS to choose from.)

3) Task list: The task list function in my email/calendar option – we share a family Yahoo calendar. The To Do function lets both my husband and I add to each others as well as our own ‘HoneyDo’ list. This has cleared the fog between us about what we can accomplish in the time we give ourselves.

4) Calendar: The family shares an electronic calendar. It is so easy to get an email from the kids teacher about a field trip or a special event. If we set an electronic reminder, the night before – while we are making lunches – we can make sure to pack the appropriate lunch and other supplies. Both the husband and myself can add events to the calendar.

5) Text Messaging: When I am in a meeting at work, or my husband is in school, a text message is a great tool for communication. Sometimes, its hard to remember who is picking the kids up, or who is taking the baby to the doctor. A quick text message, to touch base or to remind the other person, is a great way to keep the home ship pointed in the right direction.

These are some of my favorite things to keep us all working together in the same direction and on the same page. What are some of the tools you use?


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