Teatro Zinzanni – $25 off!

I love this place, great show and decent food make the night something really special!

Seattle Pockets

Teatro Zinzanni is traveling back in time – to 1962 – for their newest show “Return to Paradise.” Seattle Pockets readers have a chance to save $25 a ticket on select shows, here.

About the show: “Blast off in Teatro ZinZanni’s time machine and travel back to hippest party of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Diva Gracie Hansen of Paradise ZinZanni cordially invites you back in time to an exclusive evening where Elvis Presley rocks the house, Jimi Hendrix jams with the band and Bruce Lee shows off all his moves. At this Worlds Fair, the future is the past, love conquers science and the party never ends!”

I’m most looking forward to hearing the “rock diva” sounds of singer Jen Ayers, watch aerielist team Vertical Tango (looks pretty steamy!) and see Thaddeus Turner play Jimi Hendrix on the guitar.  Their season four course dinner menu includes Raspberry-Merlot Gelee…

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