Winning Doesn’t Always Mean First Place

In a prior post, I wrote about how bullys can be found on the sportsfield among the players, but also among the parents. And in my personal opinion BULLYS SUCK.  During that post, I wrote about a little girl at a cross country meet. The cross country meet had approximately 100 kids running in every category. Needless to say, it was packed!

One girl was in the beginning of the pack when she tripped. The momentum of the kids behind her didn’t stop, they couldn’t. The other kids weren’t being mean, but they stepped on her. Thankfully, little kids are EXTREMELY resilient.  Her coach came up to her, helped her up, brushed her off and ran the course with her. The little girl cried, as expected. (I would too.) But here is the kicker…SHE FINISHED THE RACE.

That little girl was such an inspiration. How many projects, personal health/exercise goals, financial goals, or heck even New Years Resolutions, do we – as adults – give up on when life gets in the way. We make our kids finish their tasks to learn how to accomplish something. The little girl didn’t come in first, knew she wouldn’t, but she finished. In my mind, that makes her a winner. Maybe not THE winner, but definitely a winner.

I’ve said it before, life is hard. This little girl got trampled, and yet she accomplished her objective, which was to run and finish the course. For that, I salute her. For that, I want to BE her.


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