Weekly Writing Challenge: I wish I were

I saw this prompt on WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge and couldn’t resist. I hate subjunctive voice typically, but the call to write about something wistful and hopeful as looking forward as I wish I were. It makes me think of a time when we were young and anything is possible. While I am no longer young, anything is still possible, especially with guts, grit and perseverance.

I wish I were:

Since becoming a mom, I have been “the twins mom” or some variation thereof. I have long since passed the age where I daydream about being a princess and waiting for my prince on a white horse. I have that prince, and I know his horse gets muddy and doesn’t always follow through. This princess also knows how to ask for help (thanks friends and family), change diapers, kiss boo boos, and bring home bacon for dinner, yum!

I wish I were:

  • Built like a pin up model of the 1940s instead of like a mom who is too busy to exercise
  • Sitting on a beach, in the sun, drinking a lovely frosty blended concoction with an umbrella in it.
  • Reading a book on said beach instead of teaching kids to sound out the words.
  • Listening to the gulls and wave crash instead of kids fighting with each other

But, eventually, I will have to return from such a vacation, and I frankly would miss the chaos after about a week.

So, for a real life wish list, I wish I were:

  • A more patient, understanding mother
  • A more patient, understanding wife
  • More organized
  • Better about keeping the house clean

 But I am glad:

  • The kids know I love them.
  • The kids know they are important
  • The husband keeps the house standing (Never underestimate the amazing power of boys!)
  • Every day I have a new opportunity to become what I wish I were

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