Support Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG) workshop

So many young, gifted children are left out of the achievement gap, their needs are ignored.   Common thinking like “He/She is gifted, they can figure it out.” But, that is not true. All children need focus and support geared toward their specific needs.  Special education, remedial, main stream and advanced level students all need help to achieve the highest level of success capable. Just because gifted kids are gifted, does not make them more likely to succeed. If your child is gifted, I highly recommend this webinar, hosted by Seabury School in Tacoma.

**It is held right before their open house. So be prepared to be wowed by the amazing things that happen on this campus. (As a parent, we have made some significant cuts and life choices to give my kids the opportunity to attend there.)

SENG Webinar: 

Developing Internal Motivation in Gifted Youth

Thursday, November 8th, 4:30pm

Seabury Lower School Campus – 1801 NE 53rd Street

Come and hear Mensa Gifted Youth Specialist, Lisa Van Gemert give a presentation about enhancing achievement drive and intrinsic motivation in gifted students. The presentation will take place before the Open House.

 **Kelli Hodges photography took the school photo this year, Thanks Kelli!

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