Movember – Its not just for men


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Men are affected by prostate cancer and other health issues that women do not always share, testicular cancer anyone? Just as men and boys march in breast cancer walks and support the Susan Komen foundation, I can support Movember. Why? Because, as a mother of boys, a wife of one, a sister to three and a daughter to one, I am all for reminding men, the doctors office is no the enemy. The enemy is a silent disease that could be eating away at your body with preventative care. Suck it up guys, get your exam. Its not pleasant, its not fun and you might feel a little uncomfortable. But guess what, women get to feel that way at least once a year since the age of about 16, or so. 

Here is the deal. You matter to us. You matter to us women. You matter because you are fathers, brothers, husbands. You matter in our lives. This cause is not just for men. This cause is for cancer that affects an entire family. Grow your mustache proudly, support the cause. 

My office is supporting Movember by the men growing ‘Staches and the ladies showing their creativity with various mustaches they will draw. Stay tuned for updates and some funny, funny pictures! And DONATE to this great cause! (search for either Stylin Staches or LynettePatterson

Movember United States – Get Contact list.



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