Buy Homemade on Black Friday

There is still time to buy from local artisans in Seattle during the Black Friday extravaganza! Check it out!

Home Design by StockingsEtc

Rain rain go away… before the Seattle etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show begins. I will not be participating as a buyer in the Black Friday shopping craze this year. Instead, I will be selling my products as a vendor at one of the biggest holiday craft shows in the city. Beginning at 11:00 am on both Friday & Saturday, McCaw Hall (near the Space Needle) will serve as the grounds for 107 local artists and their wares. I have been looking forward to this particular show for months because I think it’s the perfect place for my designs. There are a few other artists selling stockings, but none of their products are quite like mine… (I may be biased though). Check out the official event website here – etsyRAIN 2012 HANDMADE HOLIDAY SHOW. They have the complete list of all the vendors at the show. Shop Local & Handmade this…

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