Black Friday – My Way

Black Friday. This day was so named because it was traditionally the day retail stores ran in the “black” or profitably in quite a while, maybe even the Christmas season the year before. Ever since I can remember, parents have been battling it out over the “it” gift. Only 1 day after saying how thankful we are for our: health, family, (fill in the blank), we push and shove our way to the front of the line. I find this ironic and disturbing. *picture courtesy of

Black Friday can be a great way to score some fantastic deals. But under no circumstance should we push, kick, hit, fight, scream, or resort to devious under-handed tactics to obtain ANYTHING. Sometimes, the best rules we learn are the rules from Kindergarten. When the twins were in daycare, people used to laugh when I would go over my expectations for them:

  • No Hitting
  • No Biting
  • No Pushing
  • No Shoving
  • No Kicking
  • Be Nice!!
  • Share
  • Give Hugs

But, I say we could ALL use these rules! And not just on holidays or Church days (whichever/however those are for you). We should live by these rules. I do shop some on Black Friday. Before Kids (BK) It was a great way to scour the ads and spend quality time with my Grandma – planning our gifting for the holiday season. After Kids (AK) it can be a great way to score pants for $5 (free shipping). I swear these kids NEVER stop growing out of or blowing out the knees of their jeans!

With the right attitude, Black Friday can be a great day. Here are my rules for the day:

  • See general life rules above
  • Sleep in, if its gone by the time I get there – it wasn’t meant to be
  • Do as much online as I can
  • If I find myself becoming grumpy – leave. It’s not worth it.
  • Set a budget and STICK TO IT
  • Go to local stores first.
  • Make a list of NEEDS (Socks, pants etc.) and a separate list of WANTS (Legos and board games). Finish your NEEDS first, then move to the WANTS. When the budget is gone, it’s gone.
  • Breath

2 thoughts on “Black Friday – My Way

    • Thankfully if hurricane Sandy was any indication, people can be helpful to one another and work together. It seems when we ‘need’ something, especially for our kids, the worst comes out.

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