Ugly Sweater Contest via Tacoma News Tribune

This contest reminds me of my Grandma. She loved us and would love ugly sweaters. Growing up we were always allowed to open up 1 gift from my grandma who lived in California on Christmas Eve. It gave us a special time to cherish something she sent from so far away. But honestly, it was a great time to laugh, because lets face it, not all Grandma gifts are cool.

Some were good, most were not. I still have the rag doll she made for me one Christmas when I was about 8 or 10. But, I definately chucked the shiny gold plastic vanity set she “re-gifted” out of her gift closet circa 1975. (Ahem BEFORE I was born!)

So, if you have a Grandma that has “gifted” you with an Ugly Sweater for Christmas, or maybe a beloved Aunt gave you an old box of clothes on the way to donation bin. If you haven’t been so lucky: Try and see what beauties you can find there. Enter the contest, have fun with it – wear it to work perhaps. 🙂

Happy holidays


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