What I Didn’t Expect

I loved being pregnant. I have 3 kids and have been pregnant 2 times. Doing the math, that means I had a set of twins. Yep, it was still an amazing experience. I, for once, didn’t devour books or plan much. I saw my Doctor, but mostly I did the pregnancy thing by the seat of my newly expandable pants. Probably because I was so freaked out about the twins themselves (I didn’t know WHAT to do with ONE baby much less TWO!)

My pregnancy was pretty easy, considering. But there were a few things that took me by surprise, other than the a) Hey, you’re pregnant and b) Its TWINS. God had a good laugh that day.

  1. I didn’t realize my skin could stretch so far – Carrying twins who are 7lbs each made my body do amazing things.
  2. I didn’t realize my skin wouldn’t just ‘bounce back’ like a rubber band. It bounced back like an OLD rubber band, which meant it didn’t.
  3. I didn’t realize I didn’t need to see my toes. What IS it with toes anyway – they can’t be that important!
  4. I didn’t expect it would be hard to find pregnancy clothes for a twin carrying body
  5. Babies inside the body eat when you eat, sleep when you sleep  – keep it that way as looong as possible.
  6. I didn’t expect to fall in love with my babies before they were born – I did


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The reason I tell you these things is because there are somethings you need to know if you are expecting. If you are pregnant, find support. Having twins? Join a twin group. Its a great local resource for all things twin related, you make friends and can score some pretty cool equipment and clothes at their rummage sales! Having a singleton? Join a parents group, online or in person. They can help you prepare for what lies ahead, the things you will need. If you think pregnancy is a trip, wait till the bundle(s) of joy slide out. 

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@tacomalynette) know I participate in the #30SecondMom chat. This is a great group of women who support and offer advice and tips to help make your life easier. I recommend joining twitter just for this chat alone.  All the tips from the chat and more are listed on their website or via an iPhone or Droid app.

http://www.30SecondMom.com is partnering with a new website called Wish! Wish is an online baby registry experience. Since it is launching Jan 3rd, they are hosting a flurry of events leading up to the big day. You can win prizes if you go to the website to register for their Pre-Registry Registry event and like their facebook page and post your own “What I Didn’t Expect” story.  When you meet registration requirements, you win 1 years worth of diapers. HUGE deal! Go, check it out!


8 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Expect

  1. Is it weird that I am here. I was looking for bloggers in Tacoma and your first sentence caught my attention. I love it! You are probably the only person I have heard say, “I loved being pregnant.” Thanks so much for putting your positivity out there.

    • Welcome! I loved being pregnant and I love Tacoma. Delivery and diapers are another story. But, all of these are part of the great way we grow into this world as a parent and as a child.

      • You’re so positive. I love it. Ran across a video by an MD on TED that I thought you might enjoy. It is along the lines of positive thinking has a major impact on health. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 http://wp.me/p2WjnV-4Y

  2. I never expected twins, nor did I expect to have the type of pregnancy I did (they arrived at 26 wks; I have a picture of one of their tiny feet on my blog today). I wouldn’t wish the type of twin pregnancy I had on anyone, but raising twins is a lot of fun. I second your advice to join a twin group; mine was wonderful and supportive.

    • Raising twins


      a blast! It is so inspiring to see how my boys are still so close, but can beat on one another at any given moment. I was very lucky my pregnancy was easy and for that I am grateful. There are some regrets, not being able to breastfeed and requiring a c-section (I never said I loved delivery, lol) but watching the two boys push and shove each other for more room was highly entertaining. Loved the pic of your little girls! They grow up too fast and seem ready for more that we ever did at that same age.

      • It’s so much fun! My girls are very, very close (I wrote about their twin bond in a post on Nov. 14th, which you may have seen). I think regret and guilt are a regular part of parenting for most of us, even though we’re doing the best we can. Interestingly, I ended up not needing a C-section with my twins, but I had one with my youngest. It was a brutal recovery for me, but we had a good reason to deliver that way (fetal distress).

      • I did see that post, it was a great one. Someone once said to me: “If you want to see God laugh, tell Him your plans.” We have plans and then change them. I had plans to breastfeed, but had to change them when I was unable. I had moments of regret but, when my boys started growing and thriving I never looked back. I have a feeling, as moms, all plans change when we seek whats best for our kids at any given moment. Hope the new little is doing well and you are back on the road from recovery!

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