After Holiday Shopping

As I was cruising google news this morning, this headline jumped out at me:

Retailers hope for strong post-holiday sales

Title and picture from a USAToday article. On my FaceBook feed, many people, possibly to get a conversation started were asking if people were headed out to shopping during the ‘After Christmas Sales’.

If I didn’t have to work today, I would be at home, with my kids. Playing a game, out for a walk or writing our Thank You notes. I just spent weeks running around crazy trying to find a good deal on the Christmas gifts, I don’t need another shopping excursion.

I don’t mind shopping, but I rarely look at it as entertainment. I suspect this is a by-product of becoming a mom.

  • Money is tighter because now I have to plan for others’ needs, not just my wants.
  • When I do buy something, 90% of the time it is for someone else
  • Kids grow so quick and you have to keep replacing shoes, pants, so I don’t want to buy super nice things unless its important – like having good puddle stomping boots!
  • I value face time with my kids more than I value another pair of shoes in my closet. (Its close, but I still value the face time more… usually)

Go shopping if you must, but make sure to hug those you love tight too. That’s what I’m going to do when I get done buying diapers on the way home from work.



2 thoughts on “After Holiday Shopping

    • I know, right? People get so cranky sometimes (me too) in the rush to get everything done. Downtime is MUCH appreciated! The great thing about the article though is people paying in cash vs. credit. That is awesome!

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