Resolution – Schmesolution

Wish upon a star

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2012 is almost over and the world didn’t come to an end. The Mayans either got it wrong, or we misinterpreted what they wrote. Either way, outcome is the same. We get to start again and give this crazy ride a whirl. A blog I started following through their Facebook page The Crumb Diaries sent out a call for 2013 wishes. (Click here to read mine and a bunch of other great wishes.) The question was simple: What are your wishes for 2013? I like the use of the word “wishes”, since I’ve given up resolutions at New Years looooong ago. And as we learn for our children, we can wish for anything. My wishes for 2013:

Wishes for my family:

 * Even though daddy now has a job taking him away on travels for long periods of time, my wish is for my kids to know they are loved and valued.

 * I wish we were better about knowing the difference between “gotta get done” and “It can wait another week” because sometimes it seems like we have too many chores and not enough fun. I wish for more fun

Wishes for my spouse:

* I wish him well on his journey in finding his calling and career. I don’t care if he is a truck driver or in security. Be happy, but have a career plan that can keep you engaged and moving forward in life.

* Be more active. There is so much that can be done when we turn off the TV.

Wishes for me

* I wish I could catch my 6yr old in a foot race. Much of my activity is the thinking/planning or cooking/laundry kind. Not much is spent running after my 6year old because frankly – I get tired.

* I wish I was nicer sometimes. Sometimes its easier to say a little something mean, a small cutting remark or passive aggressive action than to sit and have a level headed discussion about the fact you ARE upset and the Why you are upset.

My wishes are simple, but important to me. What are your wishes for the new year?


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