Carpe the Diem

What is one of the worst phrases a parent can hear uttered, aka: whined? Its not FAIR! SeanpoutWell, this last week both my 6 year old twins were on an Its not Fair whining jag. This phrase makes me want to spin my head and spit pea soup. Why? Simply because LIFE is NOT fair.

No has ever guaranteed anyone that life was fair. You can’t even sue the US Government if you think life isn’t fair. The Declaration of Independence only states the PURSUIT of happiness. Nothing about fairness here.

I asked my boys what they think ‘fair’ meant.

Archie: “Sean gets the same as me.”

Sean: “Archie doesn’t get more than me.”

Granted, these statements come from 6 year olds, but ‘Out of the Mouth of Babes’ as they say.

Me: “So you should get the same amount of allowance for your chores?”

Both boys said YES!

Me: “What if Archie works more than Sean, should Sean receive the same allowance?”

Both boys said “no” and Sean was morose over this particular scenario.

The point and message to my kids: life is not fair. Life is WORK. You reap what you sow. You get back what you put out in the world. You don’t get something for nothing. This is what is great about our lifetime. We live in a world our grandparents couldn’t have imagined. We can learn anything with a few clicks of a mouse; we can travel the world in days vs. weeks. You can become ANYTHING you want and become SUCESSFUL if you work hard enough. What other reason is behind the success of people like: Warren Buffett who started making money as a teenager by buying and placing pinball machines in barber shops or Guy Fieri a TV and Food Network personality. What each of these very different men had in common, they worked hard for their successes. Warren Buffett sought out mentors and worked his way up in business before starting out on his own. Guy Fieri has never studied at a culinary academy but has made his passion for food a great success story.

There is a saying in Latin, Carpe Diem or Seize the Day.

I say: Seize the Day! Seize the Opportunity! Seize the Potential in life!

The lesson for today kids: Work Hard today, so you may play harder tomorrow. Carpe the diem

2 thoughts on “Carpe the Diem

  1. So true!! I struggle with this entitlement issue that soooo many have today. We are working on teaching our boys cause and effect, you work hard, you play hard… or you sit on your bum and see where that gets you.

    Thanks for linking up at Parlo and LOGI for F-it Friday. 🙂

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