Famous Last Words

Famous last words, every parent has said them and lived to regret it. In the true spirit of that exasperating man “Murphy”, we have all said: “They couldn’t get in THAT much trouble”. I beg to differ. No matter how baby/child proof your house is, it is no substitute for watching and checking on your child… Frequently!

This is what happened when my husband recently did not check on the twins while they were playing in the yard:


Yes, the twins thought it would be a fine thing to splatter mud on the side of the house.

One day I will laugh about this, in about 20 years. One Day.


5 thoughts on “Famous Last Words

    • The HOA wouldn’t be so pleased, and daddy didn’t find it. I found it after daddy’s been gone for a week, it was frozen to the side of the house! Took a good 2hrs with a garden hose to get off. Serenity now, serenity now.

    • As my MIL likes to remind me, at least it wasn’t paint! At age 3 my husband pained the car and 1/2 the driveway with latex paint. Fortunately, it washed off, but Im still claiming its all his fault. Nature vs nurture = all nature here, ha ha. See laughing all ready, sort of.

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