I LOVE musical theater! Who doesn’t? In an effort to shove culture down my kids throat give my kids exciting experiences they can use to become well rounded adults, I might just do this. It’s free, except for the time involved in waiting in line. So, the real question is ‘Will I have enough patience and serenity to deal with what I expect will be hoards of people?’ Lets hope so!

Seattle Pockets


See The Music Man at Seattle’s The 5th Avenue Theatre for FREE – just stand in line on Saturday, January 26th (limit 4 per household, while supplies last) for February 10th performance! Details, here.

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  1. Lynette, Did you see Les Miserables? I think it was the most powerful musical movie I have ever seen! I cried at least 3 times & was so impressed by the cast. As by the way-we are going to see the Music Man in February. Can’t wait!

    • I’ve not seen it yet. My movie watching is sadly limited to children’s movies these days as my evening time is spent doing chores, taxes or blissfully reading. But I’ve seen Phantom, Miss Saigon and Cats. Locally, we’ve seen some great children’s shows during some festivals through the Pantages. Let me know what you think of Music Man. Had a friend stop by from out if town, so we didn’t make it up for the free tickets.

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