Bribe your kids, I do


Bribe your kids, I do. Sometimes, it is not easy for children to see they have a simple task to complete. So, I bribe my children. Yes, I bribe my children, so they will know what they will know what to expect when they actually complete a task I ask them to do.

I am a HUGE fan of honesty. I think you should always tell children what the consequences, or benefits, of an action are!

For example, I offered my children a chance at pancakes, should they decide to empty the dishwasher. I also offer them a chance at the Tacoma Children’s Museum if they had a good week at school.

Low and behold, it works for us. We’ve been to the children’s museum and eaten pancakes, and had a good time! Plus, my children Do their chores! This.Is.Priceless!

Life is a series of bribes. A series, if you will, of cost-benefit analysis. Maybe, you want to watch TV, versus emptying the dishwasher. In which case, you do not get pancakes.

Is this lesson, yes. I think my children need to learn actions have consequences. What they do, or do not do, will impact how to the rest of their lives unfold.

This is not unlike the real world. This week, one child has been more helpful and has completed their chores, while the other has not. Archie decided he would rather play trains than take out recycle, or clean his toilet. So, when I pay commission this week, I have a feeling one child will be more disappointed than the other. But, the child who does more, earns more commission.

5 thoughts on “Bribe your kids, I do

    • Thanks! There are a ton of really cool and inexpensive things to do around here. Especially if you don’t mind getting a little wet from rain, lol

  1. I don’t necessarily think of it as a “bribe”. It’s more that you are empowering your kids, even at a young age, to understand consequences, and, also, to realize they can be in control of their own destinies. It’s a great thing you’re doing for them!

    • Thanks! Although I was trying to bribe them to empty the dishwasher for pancakes. Told them if I had todo it after getting the baby ready, I wouldn’t have time to make pancakes. Pancakes are particularly yummy!

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